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14 January 2009 @ 02:32 pm
So... I may just be a n00b or something... but this is the THRD time I've tried putting MY music (not Tim's) on my PSP. First time, they were all in WMA. Apparently I don't have the WMA reader cuz Tim hasn't installed it yet. Today, I spent all fucking day RE-RIPPING ALL MY CDS INTO MP3!!! And it still won't work! AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!! Technology!!!

Hopefully it'll work this time.

I can do custom themes, but not music. GRAH.

SWEAR I'm gonna kill the developer team someday...

Edit: It didn't work. OF COURSE. And now that I check it, I see that WMA playback is enabled, so why isn't it working?
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02 January 2009 @ 01:32 pm
So... been away for a while. Couldn't find the fucking internet cable thing at Tim's. His room, of course is a fucking sty. I clean it every couple of days, and within hours it's trashed again. I'm currently sitting in the middle of a bunch of beer cans. I don't drink all that much beer, and when I do, it's Sam Adams, which comes in a bottle. So guess whose they are?  He bitches he can't find clean clothes... maybe he would if they weren't all over the fucking place.

Anyways, off topic. I notice I missed a lot. Anasilen, I'm so sorry for worrying you. Tim dragged me away from the computer and didn't dig out the cable until a few days ago, and he doesn't like me being on the internet cuz he thinks the GOMSers wilL hunt me down by IP address. He doesn't realise that they're all just a big bunch of pussies. THE PUSSY GANG!!! W00t!

So... I am glad Dorian finally decided to give up his obsession with GOMS.  Funny  thing is, for the longest time, he justified himself and said it wasn't an obsession. I wasn't aware that he had a grief counselor, but ok I guess. In the past month I've realised that I really REALLY don't like Tim as much as I thought. It was one of those "He's here, you're there" type things.  I feel so unintelligent around him. I have a pretty decent intelligence level, but my problem is the people I've hung around for years... They got me talking rather crudely. Tim enjoys correcting EVERYTHING (which some may say I do; not ass badly as he does). He keeps lording his I.Q. level over me. 

I'm tired of cleaning so often and not getting ANY appreciation.

AND I REALLY WANT SOME FUCKING HEAD!!!! I haven't had any since I met him. Of course, he thinks he's entitled. I shave for him, I shower twice as often as normal for him... still nothing. I can't even get off anymore. If I don't feel like I'm appreciated as a woman, I can't get off. I'm not a fucking sex toy, and that's apparently what I am to him.

SO, off the subject of Tim. For Yule, I got a PSP (which was promptly hacked the hell out of so I can do tons of shit. Stuck a Meat Is Murder sticker on  the back!!! I also got  a Dark Knight DVD collector's set with a comic book with the original appearances of The Joker and Two-Face, and it also came with a Two-Face coin!!! Also in the present category, I got a neclace and earring set that matches the ring Dorian gave me. Exactly - made by the same guy. Apparently he only made a small amount of each :)

Omen, anyone? I've been having so many omens lately. The one that really gets me is every time I go to the bar, Someone does karaoke of a song I equate to Dorian. I also keep having dreams.

OH YEAH! Most of you don't know I quit smoking! Mostly because Tim wanted me to, but now I really like being able to smell stuff again. I've been smoke-free since the 16th!

So... I know I probably should have put all this under  a cut. Gomen...
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04 December 2008 @ 06:40 pm
GAWD I'm addicted already! AAAHHH so addicting!

But so much fun...

My first truth was a very nice one, I think I know who sent that one *winkwink*

On another note... haven't been able to get a hold of Dorian for hours now. All I want is an answer. I don't need to talk for an hour. Just one little answer.

Type O Negative Lyrics
Angel Lyrics
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04 December 2008 @ 04:06 pm

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    25 November 2008 @ 06:16 pm
    Thanksgiving is almost here in the U.S., heralding the start of the holiday season and the first of many meals where you might be confronted with a traditional dish that you happen to find disgusting. What holiday food do you hate to see on the table?
    I personally find the huge dead turkey carcass completely disgusting. Unfortunately, the place I'm going to for Thanksgiving isn't veg-friendly, so I'm bringing my own Tofurkey. I'm still going to have a glass of the family Nog recipie, just to be polite. I'm bringing my own Silk Nog as well, so I can have more than one glass of something that won't make me sick.
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    24 November 2008 @ 05:38 pm
    So... no-one wrote back to me about last week's Anime Monday. No-one let me know what they wanted. Seriously, is anyone reading my blog?!?

    So here's some random anime openings/closings/clips. LJ cut hates me, so deal with it.

    This one is for Dorian :)

    Onegai Sensei! (Please Teacher!) opening - Shooting Star


    Together, looking up at that distantly shining star
    and thinking it was destined that we met
    pretending to be casual, I try to touch your palm, but
    you only smile gently

    Since these feelings are getting stronger and the number of worries are increasing
    never let go of the heart you once embraced, no matter what happens.
    In this vast universe, if I can keep staying near just you alone
    even though the clock-hand of broken time
    soon starts to move slowly toward the future
    stay just as you are, just like this

    Marie's Love Theatre

    20 November 2008 @ 06:45 pm

    Rainbow Brite Glitter Graphics

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    long-ass textCollapse )
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    20 November 2008 @ 01:37 pm
    So... I was asked where I wanted to go to breakfast today. I was still half-asleep, and I had just had a dream in which I had hopped an Amtrak back to Boston, so I said "Dunkin' Donuts..."

    At least I think that's what I said. As stated above, I was half asleep. It probably came out something like, "Dukinnnnn D'nutsss".

    Thankfully, one of the three DDs in the Springs is located a short drive from my apartment.

    It's snowing here today, and yet, I still got a large, hazelnut, extra extra, melted sugar. Poor lady taking my order... but lo and behold, it came out perfect! The whole staff was all anxious to see how a Bostoner liked it, because I had explained that that's how we take it in Boston. I was so surprised! It was amazing! I felt like I was home...

    I miss Boston... and my Dorian.

    But anyways... so my dream last night... My friend Mindy and her hubby drove me to the Amtrak station in Denver and shoved me on a train. when I entered Boston, I started putting my makeup on. Dorian had snuck up behind me (he got on a few stops before I was going to get off) and for some reason, was wearing a fake beard (wtf?!?). He grabbed me and hugged me, and we cuddled. I felt so content. Then the fucking alarm went off and I started crying because I realized I wasn't really there, I was stuck here in CO with a bunch of cats attacking  my foot so I'd play yo-yo with them.

    Damn stupid alarm clock. I swear to god, if it was mine, I'd have broken it out of frustration. Couldn't it have let me have just a couple more minutes in the best dream I've had since I've been out here?

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    19 November 2008 @ 11:08 am
    All day yesterday my ear was bugging me - feels like I'm getting an ear infection or something. God, I hate being so sick all the time. Out in Boston, I never got sick. As soon as I came out here, BAM! I get sick at LEAST once a week.

    Went and saw Dark Knight again last night at the movie theatre. The treble on the speakers was turned up WAAAAAy too loud. Apparently, some old lady had complained that there were kids in the theatre earlier in the day and demanded they turn it up. Bitch. The whole movie, I had to plug my ears every time there was anything other than talking going on onscreen. DEFINATELY did not help my ear condition.

    I tries Silk Nog last night. SO yummy - as good as normal nog, but it doesn't make me sick!

    Shit. That reminds me - I'm going to thanksgiving at a friend's... The family recipie for nog is going to SERIOUSLY fuck my system up. I suppose I could bring some of my own and just have them spike it according to the recipie, but then I'd feel all bad, like their food's not good enough or something. They're already going to be poking at me for taking a Tofurkey. I suppose one cup of nog wouldn't hurt. Apparently this is the knock-you-on-your-ass nog. But of course, they're Irish and from the South!

    I misses my Dorian... Tried to get a hold of him, but no luck. Hopefully he's actually working on the shit he's SUPPOSED to be working on. I haven't seen him online today, either. God, the Fat Harem Bitches better hope I never see them. They bitch at me when they've spent more time with him in one week than I have since June. They got more affection and inappropriate-ness from him than I have in a damn long time, too. Then they post the pics of it and wonder why I'm pissed? And um... yeah. Zombie Marilyn is lucky the one pic I've seen of her (so far) doesn't show her face. Seriously, what the HELL was everyone thinking up there? I have no doubt that when I get back to Boston I'm going to find more pics than Dorian has up, cuz there's a bunch the Harem is posting that he doesn't have up.

    Gurrrr.... I'm gonna go continue listening to Heresy and reading Megatokyo. I started all over cuz I couldn't remember where I was.
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