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24 December 2009 @ 11:34 pm
Thanks, LJ and ED trolls! You just made me the happiest girl ever!  

Thanks to the continued efforts of some well-known LJ and ED trolls, My contact info has been kept public all over the intarwebz.

Now, thanks to them, a long-lost connection has been able to find and contact me... And has completely won my heart!

I can't remember ever feeling this amazing! We've never met, but there is most definately something there, and I am now moving to PA to be with my Prince Charming...

He's really the most perfect person I could ever hope to come across in the mortal world, as he says... OMG I can't describe my elation!

Thank you, MILFS, GOMS, and ED trolls, for the most amazing holiday present I've ever recieved!!! You gave me the Rose!!!

Who wins now??? :P

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Current Mood: elated!
Current Music: Phantom of the Opera