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17 January 2009 @ 11:52 am
Week 1 Bento Challenge... COMPLETE!  
Okay, so I'm doing the Bento Challenge from justbento.com, and here are my results:

Made one bento (meant to make more, stuff kept coming up. Will be making a stock of pre-made bento stuff so I can have one every day.

I am counting calories, so I got a small bento set for snacks as well that has the ml right on it! yay! No trying to measure ml in cups!

I did exercise more than usual this week on purpose, but was out for two days due to trying to walk a considerrable distance doing lunge-speed-walking. I got a little too enthusiastic, and apparently I'm not ready for that. Since Caleb passed away, I haven't exercised at al, save for leisurely walks through the neighborhood.

I *WILL* be using he bento planner to make things easier. I will also attempt to start making the man-snack some bentos when he goes back to school. If he doesn't piss me off again by then.

Pic 1 is my knock-off Strawberry Shortcake kid's backpack I got for $2 at a local Chinese buffet. Holds all my bento stuff perfectly!

Pic 2 is the whole layout for the day, including snacks

Pic 3: Hello Kitty Bento with kitty-shaped toast (details in sharp mustard), tofu cutlets (SO yummy), little jar from the beauty supply with sesame ooil for the tofu, grape tomato fillers, and Melon Bread Pretz.

Pic 4: Veggie bento with carrot disks, grape tomatoes, and cucumber

Pic 5: Fruit/snack bento with Nectarines, frozen blueberries, and grape tomato fillers (I've been having tomato withdrawal lately).

Pic 6: Hello Kitty Thermos w/cup... inside is some REALLY NUMMY hot Chinese weight-loss tea.
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